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Online Booking

We now have the ability for existing and new clients to request appointment bookings at any time of day or night.

Existing clients can either use the customer portal they are registered with on the internet or via the customer portal app (called Savvy Customers on ios or android app stores). Alternatively you may use the same login details you use in the portal to book using the form below. This will bring up all of your existing pet information.

New clients may register using the form below to request a booking for their pet.

Once you have requested a booking, you will receive an email confirming the request and we will be sent details of the booking request as well. We check for booking requests every morning that we are open. If the requested time slot is still available then we will confirm your booking and you will receive an email to confirm and we will look forward to seeing you at that appointment. If, however, someone else has sneakily snuck in before you then we will be in touch to find an alternative time for you.

Please be aware that prices shown are not accurate and a generic “starting from” point for the services selected. For a better idea of our prices for individual breeds, click HERE.

On booking an appointment in this way, you will be asked to provide your card details to confirm the booking. No payment will be taken at the time of requesting a booking. This is simply pre-authorisation so that in the event that you do not turn up for your appointment, 50% of the amount shown on the booking invoice will be taken from your card on the day of the appointment you did not attend. This is to prevent fake bookings or “no shows” which is a massive income loss to small businesses such as ours. Our terms and conditions can be read HERE